17 noviembre 2013

[NEWS] Much i5 Update, Android 4.2.2 and few (old) bugs

[NEWS] Much i5 Update, Android 4.2.2 and few (old) bugs

Update: I get informed that this firmware update is a beta version. I suggest to not install this until Much release a final version
Update 2: New update released. (Uploading a mirror) .This is a (i hope) final release, not a beta.

Hi!. Few days ago, Much released their new firmware update for their device Much i5. This firmware is the version 5.5.6 (previous was 5.3.16) and because is so hard to download, i created a mirror for this:

The original thread where we can found this firmware is here:

What new with this firmware?

Note: for both versions, 5.5.6 and 5.5.7, i don´t have so much clues about what they changed.
In fact, is hard to me to understand the changelog. Here is the original text:

1.升级android 4.2.1到android 4.2.2;

using google translator, we found this:

1 upgrade android 4.2.1 to android 4.2.2;
2 Battery power consumption more detailed distribution information;
3 speed switch the screen during a call speed;
4 optimization caller interface display;
5 increase the camera focuses using the instructions;
6 Change the Magicmedia dynamic display;
7 Optimization Magic Media Desktop menu items;
8 Support Magic Media Desktop horizontal and vertical screen rotation;
9 updates Magicmedia Desktop preinstalled applications;
10 Removal Magic Media Desktop Home Search Box;
11 horizontal screen repair dial interface when setting options menu there are a number of issues;
12 cause the screen to bounce right stick fix the problems;
13 Fix problem of sonic boom;
14 keys DIY to increase the English wizard and buttons displayed in English;
15 DIY repair unlock pop the question.

Now, trying to interpret this text (i´m not english spoken native, then using a bad translation from chinese with google, and then trying to understand... is a little bit complicated, but easiest than translating into spanish directly, for sure), i can re-write previous changelog to this:

1- Ok, update from Android 4.2.1 to Android 4.2.2
2- Battery info on the system now will show more detailed information about processes that draining battery.
3- Not sure, but may be when a call is incoming, the system may take few seconds on display the calling interface (i never realize on this)
4- i think is related with previous. Caller interface (the ring for answering calling, i think) is improved now. I did not tested yet.
5- Camera focus speed increased? may be.
6- Magicmedia is the launcher of the system. I think this means is updated
7- appears to be some optimization with the elements Magic Media desktop (launcher icons?)
8- There is a improvement. Now, you can set horizontal or vertical the default launcher (originally, is fixed in horizontal)
9- Preinstalled apps (bloatware?) updated. I figure there will be more icons as shortcuts to install more software (hope this, because means there is no pre-installed apps really, only a simple link)
10- Search Box from default launcher removed.
11- ...... ok. i don´t get any clue about what this means.
12- ...... screen bounce? again, i don´t know what this means.
13- sonic boom... mmm... if i get any clue about what this means, i will update this article.
14- KeyDIY, the app for config keys/buttons of the device, is updated and translated to english. (thanks much guys!, they attended my request to translate this tool)
15- KeyDIY fixed issue that show this app sometimes when we wakeup the device. Update: This is not fixed (i get this screen yet, when wake up my device).

Next days i will try to get more info about this update, to try to understand this changelog.

Meanwhile, i found few problems related to buttons.

Few Issues

I read on some forums that key ghost pressing is solved, but after doing few testing i can confirm that the problem is still here, with some minor differences.

Originally, there is a report that mention when user press [L] + [R] + [MOUNTAIN] (Yellow), the system do a [HOME] event.

Well, now is "solved". you can press the combo button, and the system will not do a [HOME] button, but now we have another similar problem with a sequence that i will describe now.

Ghost [HOME] Button

The first of these problems, is a sequence that trigger the [HOME] event.

Open any app, then press and keep [L] + [R], then without releasing these two buttons, press [MOUNTAIN] (Yellow), release and then press [SUN] (Pink). The app will close, and the system go to default screen of the launcher, doing the same as [HOME] button (but really the [HOME] is not pressed in any time. only the event is released to the system)

This problem can be solved if you set "Select/Start button to activate" in the System "Settings-Personalized" menu option.

Ghost [SUN] button

The second problem is a Ghost pressing button.

Open any touch testing program (usually i use Multitouch Visible Test) and map buttons with any keymapper such the MuchKey, Tincore, etc (any keymapper will be fine for replicate this problem)

Now, after you mapped all the buttons on the screen, do the following:

Press and keep [L] + [R] and, without releasing, press [BACK] button. The system generate a [SUN] (Pink) button pressed.

I´m testing more combinations, but these two are the most relevant for now.

Is curious. Previous firmwares i realize that some combinations generate the [HOME] ghost button pressed, but this was not a big problem for me for playing, but with this update, i get constantly out from the game when playing (usually, Capcom vs Street Fighter, or similar)

For show these both issues, i grab a video where i try to explain this problem.

I post this message to let users to know about this little issue, and ask for Much for solve this, because may generate a bad gaming experience.

I really love this device, and i hope Much people work around this problem to be solved quick.