24 octubre 2013

[TIP] How to map DPAD and Left Stick in separated way on the Much i5 device [Eng]

[TIP] How to map DPAD and Left Stick in separated way on the Much i5 device

One of the "problems" that this device have (and that we are waiting for the manufactuer to solve it), is that DPAD and Left Stick are linked by software in this device.

This means that there is not a real hardware problem (are not linked by hardware), but the system link these two controls at software leve, and with this the final user cannot map these controls in a separated way for, in example, using some games or emulators such Mupen64 (a Nintendo 64 emulator). If the system don´t do this, then will be simple to full map the controls of the device to the emulator in this suggested way:

But the problem is, as i mentioned, the analog stick and the D-PAD are linked, doing the same funcition (and make both of these controls with a digital behavior)

Also, there is another problem. The device don´t have a proper joystick driver standard, and Mupen cannot map the analogs of the device.

For this last problem, there is a quick solution: Tincore Keymapper have support for this device (MUCH) and we can use the Analog output mode plugin for get a joystick emulation plugged to the device.

For this, open Tincore, put the controls (Sticks) on the editor and configure as "Move Sticks" and with this we have the proper analog output as a stick gamepad, and Mupen can handle and map correctly.

But there is a problem yet, the linked D-PAD and Stick.

While wait for the manufacturer solution (if they will add a proper joystick driver), there is a solution that i found.

With the emulator (o game) loaded, open the KeyMuch (device keymapper). For this, press [POWER] + [VOL+]

Edit the current "adaptator" (o create a new) for the app that we loaded.

Map the D-PAD and the Left Stick to anyplace on the screen.

Click on "OK" for apply and close the editor.

Now, open Tincore (if you don´t get opened yet) and map the controls you want, as you want (including d-pad and left analog controls)

What happened? The KeyMuch "unlink" the controls for manage and map in separated way on screen.

The "trick" is that Tincore grab the control information and process this before the MuchKey (the own keymapper of the device), and interprets and usage these commands as single information by each control, and for this reason you can map them as usual these two controls.

This way, you can do a full map of Mupen64, including analog information (yes, you can tiptoe with analog) as a real joystick pluged on the system.

The same for other apps, in example, we can map DPAD in shooters (Nova3, MC4, etc) for changing weapons, select subweapons... and etc.

And well, for finishing this entry, there is a video where i show how to map in separated way these two controls, using tincore.



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