17 septiembre 2014

[NEWS] iReadyGo Firmware updates

iReadyGo Firmware updates

This article is only a note about this firmware release.
Existe una versión en español de este artículo aquí.

iReadyGo Much i5 Update 5.6.28

As few users inform to me, after updated with this new firmware release, they get their devices bricked, and can´t flash older firmwares for recover.

I suggest to wait for more info about this issue, and DO NOT INSTALL THIS for now.

The firmware don´t have any interesting feature or fix. The 60Hz fix is not working properly (i tested the beta and you can see some of my test on my youtube channel), and there is no other interesting and/or useful stuff that deserves the risk of installing this update with their potential problem of get bricked your device.

iReadyGo Much G2 Update 5.6.28

I don´t see any news on this  update, except the screen refresh rate, than now is running at ~53.29Hz

If you´re waiting for real news/fix/features, you must keep waiting.



7 comentarios:

  1. Hi Deen0X, strange because I installed this firmware with the built in updater and my screen is still running at 64hz lol

    A little request, can you send me the 60hz fix to make some tests ? I know this fix have some issue, but I would like to make some tests.

    Let me know.



  2. not all devices have this issue, but there are few cases that warning to me, and i consider good idea on mention this, because the firmware really don´t have any important fix or improvement for users.

    and here is the link for the i5 60Hz fix.

  3. Ah ok, very strange lol Many thx for the fix, I'll let you know ;)

  4. Ok Deen0X, I know what's the problem.

    In fact we have two issues we this test build.

    The 1st is the CPU governor, they set to "Hotplug" and the cpu swtich every second to 500-1200-500-1200 and make many many stutters on all emus.

    So I set to "Performance", and no more stutters on "0 frameskip" mode with Robert emus.

    But still very little audio crackling (compared to original build it's better).

    And now the second issue, they set the OS refresh reate to 60.6hz, and it's "the" problem, it's too high.

    For a perfect emulation experience, we need to have 59.8-59.9-60-60.1-60.2, but no less, no more. But of course, the perfect OS setting is 60hz.

    If you can contact them to talk about this ;)

    Thx again for the test build, I know what is the issue now.


  5. PS: I just tested with Retroarch because we can sync the emulation with the os refresh rate, so I synced to 60.6hz, and the emulation is almost perfect (no more audio crackling and very rare stutters). The screen is well running at 60.6hz, but the +0.6hz is too high for a perfect emu experience.

    They are in good way, but I don't know why they set the OS refresh to 60.6hz instead of 60hz lol


  6. the problem come with another emulators. try running ppsspp and Tekken 6. or even Tekken DR. if you set to hardware accelerated (not buffered) and frameskip 0 (no frameskip), the emulation with this screen refresh rate must be good... but is not. the game run as old 60.64Hz problem, and this is so weird, because, ok, screen is 60.6, is not perfect but is a good refresh rate (better than 64Hz), but the game still running in the same bad way.

  7. Yep I know it's with all emus, it's for this reason we need to Much fix the OS Refresh Rate to 60 and not 60.6hz.