17 septiembre 2014

[NEWS] iReadyGo Firmware updates

iReadyGo Firmware updates

This article is only a note about this firmware release.
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iReadyGo Much i5 Update 5.6.28

As few users inform to me, after updated with this new firmware release, they get their devices bricked, and can´t flash older firmwares for recover.

I suggest to wait for more info about this issue, and DO NOT INSTALL THIS for now.

The firmware don´t have any interesting feature or fix. The 60Hz fix is not working properly (i tested the beta and you can see some of my test on my youtube channel), and there is no other interesting and/or useful stuff that deserves the risk of installing this update with their potential problem of get bricked your device.

iReadyGo Much G2 Update 5.6.28

I don´t see any news on this  update, except the screen refresh rate, than now is running at ~53.29Hz

If you´re waiting for real news/fix/features, you must keep waiting.