04 junio 2014

[UPDATE] Much G2 Official Updates [ENG]

Much G2 Official Updates fails with CWM Recovery


If you get a Much G2, and try to update firmware, you will get many problems updating your system.

This problem is related to ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery, that cannot install succesfully any of these updates.

Fortunely, the solution is simple: flash the stock recovery to your device, and then update (and reflash CWM if you want it)

Files needed


  • Download the recovery and copy the .img on the root of your sdcard
  • Install Mobileuncle MTK Tools, open it and select "Change recovery"
  • The device will open a list with the recovery images that found on your sdcard, and other founds online.
  • Select the file you copied (md5:252b2f08ff9c6521c81e39aedb461d48)
  • Select "Ok" for flashing this file

Now, you can restart in the stock recovery and update your system with new firmware.

Much G2 Updates

There are some links for Much G2 firmware updates:


If you generate the CWM recovery with MTKDroidTools, you can copy the .img of this recovery (you can found in the "recovery" folder of MTKDroidTools) to your sdcard, rename to CWM_Much_G2_Recovery.img (as an example), and with this, you can flash directly the recovery you want.

Use CWM for doing NANDROIDS (backups of your complete system)
Use Stock recovery for updating your device.


To Cedric for send me the file of the stock recovery. ^_^



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  2. i can't download the recovery, mega asks for a key. Can you fix the link or give us the key?
    Another question, there are many updates here, are complete roms or just updates from previous ones?

  3. ok, sorry, i didn´t realize that the link is without the key.

    1. Thanks! A little ot question: with these roms is possible to select 3g band? I'm asking this because my g2 has a modified rom to support wcdma 900/2100 instead of 850/2100

  4. i don´t understand what you mean.

    Currently, i´m browsing with 3G in my G2.
    take note that there is:
    SIM2 (GSM)

    may be you need to change th SIM slot you´re using. (i'm in Spain, and here is no problem using 3G)

    where are you located?

    1. in my country(italy), wcdma has a frequency of 900/2100 instead of 850/2100 and my much g2 has a modified firmware to support these frequencies, but it's based on an outdated firmware; my quesiton is, it is possible to set wcdma frequencies with official firmwares?

  5. hello there,
    what is the last android version for Much G2? It's 4.2.2 right? Then this Official updates doesn't change it right? So there is no KitKat android update for Much G2 right? If I want KitKat android I have to flash with some custom firmware that God knows what will not work and land me in troubles, is it true?

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  7. Hi @Dedo Ti
    yes, there is no KitKat for Much G2, and as i know, there is no custom firmware for this device.
    if you want, you can check for lastest firmwares here:

  8. hello,
    If I don't have CWM or TWRP installed because I don't need to make NANDROIDS, then how I can put these updates posted above? They are zip files, what I need to do? What you mean "Use Stock recovery for updating your device"?
    I made full backup of my current stock firmware with MtkDroidTools, my current firm is 5.6.15

  9. Hi @Dedo Ti
    copy the update.zip on your sdcard (on the root)
    with your stock recovery (if you never installed a custom recovery, then you have stock recovery on your device), boot the device with VOL+ (or VOL-, i don´t remember) and you get into recovery (check the review for more detailed instructions)
    on recovery, there is an option "update from sdcard" (or something like this).
    select the update.zip file and do the update.
    that's all. ^_^