22 abril 2016

GPD-Win, Indiegogo's campaign will finish in some days

GPD-Win, Indiegogo's campaign will finish in some days

Since GPD aunch their campaign on Indiegogo, the project receie so many improvements from original conect (but not all changes that most users want, such  re-design of keyboard nad gamepad layout)

In any case, there are still some days before their GPD-Win Indiegogo's campaign run, and this is the summary of updates:

  • Updated SoC to Cherrytrail Z8550

  • Bluetooth module updated to 4.1
  • Wifi module updated from 2.4GHz (single channel) to 5GHz (dual channel)
  • Added X360 Guide Button to the layout.

  • Re-located some keys such PgUp, PgDn, Home, End

  • Mode Switch updated. There are 3 modes: DInput, Mouse, XInput

  • The device come with USB 3.0 Type-A (Full Size) port, and MicroUSB 2.0 port.

  • Added a big aluminium heatsink between the SoC and the keyboard, for heat dissipation.

  • There is a speaker system that will help to heat dissipation by vibrations.

GPD is looking for few reivewers to send sample devices for talking about this. For more info, check the campaign page for requisites, to become a reviewer candidate.

About the size, comparing with GPD-XD is very similar, then Nintendo 3DSXL cases will be suitable to protect and carry this device too.

There are some new images from the prototype (Courtesy of GPD).

Front comparisson


Comparing with GPD-XD

Mode Switcher

Buttons L1 and R1 detail. Now these buttons are more ergonomics.

Upper and Lower views

Rest only some days until the Indiegogo's campaign end. After this, you must wait until end of this year (October-Novemter) for buy the device (and considering the final price out of indiegogo's campaign)

Hurry up if you want to ensure to get one for this Christams season! :D

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