18 febrero 2015

[REVIEW] iPega 9023 v2 (red) Telescopic Controller

[REVIEW] iPega 9023 v2 (red) Telescopic Controller


To Geekbuying store for send me a sample of the product iPega 9023 Telescopic Controller (rev 2) to test and write this review.

Usage of this article

Author give permission to use this review, part of this or by a link reference, to anybody wants to use it, with only one condition that you must keep the author of this article, and the original source, that is on my blog.

For any update for the content of this article, i suggest to visit the link avobe.


Time ago iPega releases their popular iPega 9023 controller. The main feature of this controller is their telescopic support that allow to use it with most smartphones and mainly tablets, transforming any of these devices in a full featured portable console.

The first device come with some know issues, such a bad/unprecise DPAD (terrible for fighting games), analog sticks are not working well (in some devices these controls get stucked without centerning correctly), and have many connection problems too.

This first version get a bad reputation because their problems in general, then when iPega released the revision of this product, so much people avoid on pay attention on it, but i want to test this revision and check if iPega learn from their mistakes, and improve the product.

I tested the first version only for few minutes, and i remember was hard to do moves such hadoukens, dragon-punches, etc, with DPAD, and sticks feel rude/hard to move.

This time, the device feels better than first version. Sticks are soft and feel good on usage, and DPAD is better than first version, in fact i can play fighting games without many problems (and any of you that are fighting player, understand the importance of playing with a good DPAD)

The device still is not perfect, but now with this version, is a serious alternative for consider if you want to convert your tablet (Android/Windows/IOs) into a full featured gaming machine.

Hope this article help to you to learn more about this device.

How to recognize the version of the controller?

Fortunately, is easy to verify. Simply check the analog sticks.

iPega 9023 v1 (black)

Old version are full black. The most important of this for recognize, is checking the analog sticks, that are fully black. If this, then you're looking a rev1 version.

Other point is that buttons are black with letters in white.

iPega 9023 v2 (red)

In the new version, analog sticks are red, and buttons are black with letters in red too.

Product showcase

(Checking of the external view of the package)

The package is a plastic box with transparent sides for direct viewing of the device.

 The controller come with a simulated screen that may give to you a wrong idea about the real size you will get really with  the device installed on any tablet. In fact, the simulated screen may be about 5" 4:3 or similar. It is only a curiousity about the device, but is good to note this if you never seen this device in real situation (with a 7" or biggest size tablet)

In general speaking, iPega usually offer good packaging and quality for their devices, considering their price.

In the back side we found some basic info about the product, and some images of usage examples.

Package contents

(Unboxing y full description of the package contents)

When the package is opened, we found the following elements thats, i understand, are part of any standard shippment for this product.

  • iPega 9023 Telescopic Controller
  • MicroUSB cable for charging the device
  • Quick use guide.

Product description

(Enumerate of components that conform the product)

In the following section i will explain briefly each component that comform the device, listing each component existing in their structure and doing comments about these elements when i consider.

In this section i will list only the device parts that may contain elements interesting to comment.

Note: These faces of the device that don´t containt any element i will omit.

Note 2: I will consider the front of the device where most of the controls (buttons, dpad, sticks, etc) are located.

Front view

  • Left analog stick (including left thumb button/L3)
  • DPAD
  • Select
  • Home
  • Start
  • Search led (pair led)
  • Charge led
  • Telescopic support for devices
  • Bottom support for avoiding fallings
  • Right analog stick (including right thumb button/R3)
  • Buttons X, Y, A, B
  • Multimedia buttons: Vol-, Prev, Play/Pause, Next, Vol+

Rear view

  • Telescopic right arm lock (for fixed part/Right)
  • Telescopic left arm (sizable with bounce auto-adjust mechanism)
  • Reset hole

Top view

  • L2 Button
  • R2 Button
  • L Button
  • R Button

Bottom view

  • Charge port

First Impression

(What i feel in my first impression with the device)

I have so much feedback about the first version of this device, and these information are no so good about the device. Most of these feedback are focussed on the DPAD, that is not good for fighting games, and analog that are not good/precises too.

Personally i did not tested (in deep tested) the first version, only test few minutes that are not enough for a good test for getting a serious opinion about this.

With this in mind, i get this device and check in deep. My first test was playing PSP Tekken DR. For those of you that know this game, understand that there are some tech moves that are more difficutl to do than other games such Street Fighter (almost, the moves i know to do). In street fighter there are some moves such Ryu Shoryuken/Dragon Punch that you can do with:

  • f, d, f, [1] or [2] or [3]

(Forward, Duck, Forward, and some of the punch buttons)

In tekken, there are some moves such Heihachi's Wind God Fist that have variats such Electric Wind God Fist, and can be performed with quick move, and with some specific input

  • f,n,d,df+2           Wind God Fist
    (Forward, Neutral, Duck, Diagonal Duck/Forward+Right Punch)

  • f,n,d~DF+2           Electric Wind God Fist
    (Forward, Neutral, Duck quick followed by Diagonal Duck+Forward+Right Punch)
Electric Wind God Fist

The difference may be little, but if you can perform correctly, you get the Electric effect on the Wind God Fist technique.

As you can imagine, this move can be performed with good DPAD, because the diagonals are so critical for the correct input of the move.

Well, as i mentioned my first test was playing Tekken, and doing this move, and i can tell that the DPAD let me do this move with high success ratio. The gamplay was nice too, with easy to do moves and, most of all, good diagonals that are not triggered accidentally and the control responds very well in general speaking.

Keep in the same game, there are other characters that have special behaviors for gameplay such King. There are some moves that requires 2 or 3 buttons pressed in some Throw sequences such Rolling Death Cradle need buttons to perform it, because if you miss an input, then the sequence is broken and you can't perform the complete combo.

The full sequence is the following:

  • f,N,d,d/f+1+4(Fowrard, Neutral, Duck, Diagonal Duck/Forward+Left punch+Right kick)

When you success in the first sequence, then start the second.

  • 2,1,1+2+3(Right punch, Left punch, Left punch + Right punch + Left kick)

When you success in the first sequence, then start the last.

  • 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3(Left punch + Left kick, Left kick + Right kick, Right punch + Right kick, Left punch + Right punch + Left kick)

Note that you can perform some tries for each sequences (until the time of their sequence is playing). This mean after doing the first sequence, you can do the second few times (or the times you can perform. this is based on your speed with fingers).  If you introduce the right sequence, then the move activates and you must wait until the move start to perform the next sequence. (when you're in the first animation of the first sequence, you can introduce the second sequence. When the animation of the first sequence is over and you introduce correct the second secuence, then the animation of the second sequence start and you can enter the third sequence until the second animation is playing)

Then, for performing this move on PSP (or gamepad controller), the move will be:

  • f,N,d,d/f+X+B
  • Y,X,X+Y+A
  • X+A,A+B,B+X,X+Y,X+Y+A

For PSP (and general console usage), my preferences are:

  • L = A+B (Left Kick + Right Kick)
  • R= X+Y (Left Punch + Right Punch)

Then the move can be translated to:

  • f,N,d,d/f+X+B
  • Y,X,R+A
  • X+A,L,B+X,R,R+A

May appear to be complicated, but really is so easy to perform when you get practice.

Well, This sequence requires that button press work fine when pressing two or more buttons. if some of the buttons is pressed before others, then the sequence is broken.

This move can be performed with the controller without issues. Only you need some practice to get familiar with the touch of the controller (like any other controller you use for playing).

Finaly, there are other kind of behavior you may need playing this game (almost, in my case). For playing with characters such Ana Williams, threre are some moves to be performed pressing quick sequences of buttons.

  • d,d/f,f+1+2  Chin Bash
    (Duck, Diagonal Duck/Forward, Forward + Left punch + Right punch)

  • 1,3,2,1          Reverse Arm Lock
    (Left punch, Left kick, Right punch, Left punch

  • 2,1,3,4,1+2  Falling Arm Break
    (Right punch, Left punch, Left kick, Right kick, Left punch + Right punch)

The special behavior of this move is the second and third sequences. I usually perform this move "drawing" a line between the buttons i need to press, instead on pressing with the finger, releasing, move the finger and pressing another button, that is so slow to do.

Then, for second secuence, i move my finger (draw lines) connecting each button in the sequence:

  • X~A~Y~X
    (Move trhough buttons drawing a triangle)

And for the third sequence:

  • Y~X~A~B,R

With a standard controller, the buttons are easy to press doing this sequence, because their tops are rounded and you can move between buttons without problems.

iPega 9023 V2 have buttons less rounded, and sometimes i my finger get stucked when try to move from one button to other, and this mean i must release a little bit my finger to allow the button to be pressed when my finger is over (and don´t get stucked with the border)

I understand this is a very specific usage of mine, and with a little of practice, i will get a better gameplay with this device.

Gray buttons (select, home, start and multimedia) are little and hard to be pressed. This may be ok because this way is not able to accidentally press those buttons, but select and start are hard to be pressed sometimes.

In my opinion, Start button must be on the right side, because some games such Tekken (following with the example) have combo buttons for menu options, that include Select + Start to be pressed, and now is a little bit hard to be pressed with one hand.

May be my ideal layout can be:

Left side:

  • Select
  • Home
  • Vol-
  • Vol+

Right side:
  • Prev
  • Play/Pause
  • Next
  • Start

This way you have both sides with 4 buttons, and select & start can be pressed more comfortable than actually.

About the Size

The device is biggest than any standard controller. This is normal, because is not a standard controller, but you can use in this way if you want.

In front, iPega + 8" tablet. In back, Wikipad 7"

Installing a 8" (Teclast X89) device, the total size is a little bit biggest than a Wikipad with their docking control

Comparing sizes. 
From top to bottom: 
Wikipad 7"
iPega 9023 + 8" Tablet

Using Wikipad for comparing.

Wikipad device is still biggest than iPega + 7" device (in photos, i'm comparing with 8" device)

About the docking mechanism

The device fully extended can allow a tablet up to 260mm aprox, that mean a standard 10" tablet will fit on it without problems. Note that officially, the device support tablets up to 230mm

In the previous photo, i'm openin the device, fimrly strong because the internal spring is heavy forcing the device to close. This is good because grab strong and firmly the tablet when is mounted on the device.

In front/bottom/center, there is a bottom support for helping tablet avoding to fall down.

When you open this support, simply put your tablet on this support and then grab with telescopic arms for a secure usage of the device and tablet.

The telescopic arms

The left side of the device is the variable size arm. This part can be expanded, but will retract for grab the device (tablet) you will install on the controller.

The right side have a telescopic mechanism that you can fix to a desired size.

There is a lock system for fix the size of this arm.

For installing the talbet in the device, i suggest the following method.

Open the right arm for the size that tablet fits correctly.

Then, with unlocked arm, move the center of the mechanism and locate the bottom support in the middle of the tablet.

When you get in the middle, lock the system.

With these steps, you will put the tablet in comfortable way, without doing unnecessary forces on the tablet, hard touching the screen, or accidentally damaging the mechanism of the controller or the tablet itself.

About controls

Comparing with X360 Controller, the sticks of iPega 9023 are slightly small

The DPAD is another kind (thankfully not similar to X360, that is the worst dpad for fighting games)

Start and Select buttons are not comparable. X360 is better positioned and more confortable to be used.

The Buttons have some little differences too. in iPega 9023 are slightly small, and less rounded on their top.

Both sticks are on the top, that in my opinion is better location than original X360 layout for this kind of devices. The reason of this is simple.

With both sticks on top, when grab the device you will get more surface in contact with your hand, and you will grab better the device. Remember that now you have a controller + tablet installed on it, and this is biggest for using asimetric layout, and their total weight is much more than a normal controller.

If the device come with a x360 layout, your right hand will not grab correctly the right side of the device, and probably that all the device+tablet fall down are high.

About conectivity

The gamepad is designed to be used with android devices, but i'm using without problems on windows 8.1. In fact, i get some troubles pairing the device on some android devices. Using Teclast X89 (Android) sometimes i get paired the device and can use it normally, but others there is no response (no connection).

Other kind of devices such Much G2, that are Mediatek SoC, is know that bluetooth module of MK are not friendly for connecting bluetooth controllers. In this case, the device cannot be paired as normal gamepad, but you can pair as Keyboard or iCade mode. You will lost analog values, but almost you can still use this gamepad on these kind of devices. (most of their usage is on emulators)

On Windows 7, i get troubles pairing too, but as i test, depends on the bluetooth chip/module you're using on your computer, that will let you to pair or not.

Usage experience

I'm using a Teclast X89 with this gamepad every day, on subway (go to office/home), most time playing windows games, and i get pleased with the results.

Is true that if the tablet is small, the total size of the device may be a better experience, in my opinion a 5" baytrail will be the optimal size, but with this 7.9" version the results are so good.

If you're not usual with big devices (because 8" tablet + iPega 9023 is a big device for playing), may be at the beginning you get uncomfortable playing, but in few days will be usual, and your experience will be improved.

The surface is so smooth, and is easy that the device get away from your hands if you don´t take care about this. May be a good addition to the device including a wrist strap for avoiding accidental fallings.

I think is "easy" to adding some sort of wrist strap to the device, opening one of their sides (the top bottom screw) and using this same screw for grab some kind of wrist strap similar that Nintendo Wiimotes includes. I will try to adding this and put the steps here for completing this article.

About the sticks

I played many games (Android and Windows games), and i feel the sticks are ok. They are not as X360/Sixaxis sticks, but are enough for normal play and good experience.

About charger

The device can be used while is charging. This is nice, because if you're using the device as standard gamepad to play on your computer, or eve on your tablet as screen (without mounting), if you run out of battery simply plug any standard microUSB charger and keep playing while charging.

About the use with Android

The device is recognized as standard gamepad (on the devices compatibles that recognizes the controller directly), but there are some games without direct support such Nova 3, Moder Combat 4, etc.

For these kind of games that usually are Moga compatible, i suggest to use Mobile Controller Helper (MCHelper), that simply "transform" any standard gamepad into a Moga gamepad. With this you will gain more compatibility with some games (but note, not all moga enabled will work ok with this emulation)

About the use with Windows

I tested with Windows 8.1. The gamepad is recognized as standard gamepad, but button layout is different than other common controls and you may need to remap it on some games.

The controller is not XInput enabled. For this reason you may need the x360ce application (X360 Controller Emulator) for make the device compatible with some games that only recognizes XInput devices.

Check the article for the section dedicated to this point.

Product information

According with the manufacturer, or searching info on web pages, we can found many sources of information about the device and sometimes these information may be not consistent (may be different from one web page to other), and this may cause some confusion for anybody that wants to get info about this product.

On this section i will post the info i get from the manufacturer (or is not possible, the web page that i consider more reliable), listing only the relevant points for a tech analysis of the product, and omit these points that don´t get any relevant info about the device (as many time we found on many pages, things such video capabilities, mail capabilities, etc, that really are software based features that we can install on the device, and not a real feature of the device itself)

  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Version: V3.0
  • Controller Layout: Full controller layout including
    • DPAD
    • 4 Front buttons (A, B, X, Y)
    • Left Analog Stick
    • Right Analog Stick
    • Left Shoulder/L1
    • Right Shoulder/R1
    • Left Trigger (Digital)/L2
    • Right Trigger (Digital)/R2
    • Left Thumb/L3
    • Right Thumb/R3
    • Select
    • Start
  • Home (power)
  • Multimedia buttons: Vol-, Vol+, Prev, Play/Pause, Next
  • Operating Range: 10m
  • Powered By: Built-in Battery
  • Built-in Battery Capacity: 380mAh
  • Standby Time: 200Hour
  • Charging Time: 2Hour
  • Working Time : 20Hour
  • Dimensions (Closed): 9.25 in x 5.04 in x 2.36 in (23.5 cm x 12.8 cm x 6 cm)
  • Weight: 8.68 oz (246 g)


There are 3 modes of operation for this controller

  • Gamepad
  • Keyboard
  • iCade

Gamepad mode

Activation: Press "Mode" and the button "X"

Using this mode, you will be able on playing games in the same way as any other standard gamepad.

Using this mode is compatible with x360ce emulator (for windows) or MobileController Helper (for android) or similar apps, for emulate specific gamepads that some games requires for playing.

Using this mode you will get the full range of values for both analog sticks.

The layout of the buttons are the following:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • X = 4
  • Y = 5
  • L1 = 7
  • R1 = 8
  • L2 = 9
  • R2 = 10
  • Select = 11
  • Start = 12
  • L3 = 14
  • R3 = 15

Some games recognize directly the Standard nomenclature (A, B, X, Y, etc), other recognize the button number.

Some games need to remap controls, because uses another nomenclature. Usually, games include another normalization of buttons, such:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • X = 3
  • Y = 4
  • L1 = 5
  • R1 = 6
  • etc.

As you can see, the assignment is sequencial, then when assign X = 3, the layout will not correspond with the iPega 9023 controller. This cases you will need to remap the controller to get full working your game.

This problem is a common problem on windows controllers, because there are many manufacturers and not all of them follow the same nomenclature. In part, XInput (X360 controller mainly) introduce a normalization that many new games follow, and for this reason is a good idea implementing a native XInput support (on the driver of the controller), or use x360ce for emulating (normalizing) the controller to a standard XInput (X360 controller) output.

For more info about x360ce, please keep reading this article.

Keyboard mode

Activation: Press "Mode" and button "A"

With this mode, you will be able to play even on devices without native support for gamepads, but can connect a keyboard, in fact, the device will act as normal keyboard, including their analogs (that will become digital)

The layout for this mode is the following:

  • Left Stick = Arrow Keys
  • Right stick = IJKL
  • X = 1
  • A = 2
  • B = 3
  • Y = 4
  • L1 = 5
  • R1 = 6
  • L2 = 7
  • R2 = 8
  • L3 = 9
  • R3 = 10
  • Select = Backspace
  • Start = Enter

This mode is recommended for most emulators that don´t have analog support, Mediatek and other SoC that don´t have a good implementation/support for bluetooth controllers, and some programs that may work better with digital inputs (keyboard) than gamepad drivers, such HyperSpin on windows.

iCade mode

Activation: Press "Mode" and the button "B"

This mode is usual on iPad and ported apps. The behavior of this kind of controller is the following:

When press any of the controls/buttons, the controller send the corresponding key for their pressed state.

When release any of the controls/buttons, the controller send the corresponding key for their released state.

This way, the controller don´t need to send continuously the pressed buttons to the system. Only inform when a key is pressed or released.

Note: iCade controllers don´t have native support for Sticks, and their layout don´t have L2, R2, L3, R3 (that repeat functionality with other buttons). In total, the final layout of iCade controler is:

  • DPAD
  • A, B, X, Y
  • L, R
  • Select, Start

That is 12 keys in total (24 if considering two states for each one)

This kind of behavior need a specific implementation on programs, and you will found when the app include iCade support.

The layout for this is common on any iCade driver, and is this:

  • Left Stick & DPAD Press/Release: waxd/eqzc
  • A = h/r
  • B = u/f
  • X = y/t
  • Y = j/n
  • L1 = i/m
  • R1 = k/p
  • L2 & L3 & Select = o/g
  • R2 & R3 & Start = l/v

This mode is compatible with many IOs apps, and some Android apps too (most of them ported from IOs). Is recommended to use this mode only if the previous modes don´t work on your system.

Game Usage

Due the nature of this device, i did tests in many kind of games, emulators, etc. At this point is not important where i did the testing, and i only will mention the game and operating system on the following videos. The focus of these testings are the usage itself about the device and i think videos are self-explanatory about this.

I will comment only when i consider that video need some explanation.

Halo Spartan Assault (Windows, x360ce)

Burnout Paradise (Windows)

I remaped the controller for this game, with their equivalents to X360 layout. Simply load the game, to to options, controller, and select the X360 layout. Will not function with your iPega 9023, but select each option on the controller and press the corresponding button on the iPega 9023, for get the equivalents.

Deadlight (Windows, x360ce)

Dishonored (Windows, x360ce)

Batman Arkham City (Windows, x360ce)

Guilty Gear Isuka (Windows)

Tekken Dark Resurrection (PPSSPP, Windows)

DJ Max Black Square (PPSSPP, Windows)

Tekken Dark Resurrection (PPSSPP, Android)

DJ Max Portable 2 (PPSSPP, Android)


About gamestreaming, this point is most similar to normal gaming with a device, but there are some considerations that we need to understand such if the translated controller is working fine on the server side, etc.

PS3 Gamestreaming (Desktop consoles Streaming Guide)

This case, i'm playing Resistance Fall of Man using the iPega 9023 controls. On the video i'm not doing a very good gameplay, because i´m a little bit uncomfortable capturing the video and playing at the same time, but i think you can get the general idea about how the controls respond.

Sixaxis sticks are more precise for this kind of game, but in general and some little of practice, is able to be played with iPega 9023 controller.

About Battery

Battery usage is a little bit hard to comment in absolute terms, because each user have their own needs of usage of their devices.

i do a heavy use of this device, outside of home (going to my office/back to home), and in home (as standard controller for testing devices), and my feel is that the battery is enought for long sessions of game.

When the device will run out of battery, the "Charge" led start to flashing. Using in this state, i have about 5 minutes before the device turn off.

The best part is that the device can be used to play while is in charge.

Sorry if i can't bring a better information about this, but i don´t have another way to comment about this point.

Pros, cons and improvements.

As in every product, there are pros and cons points that are good to mention in a clear way. These points will help to us to decide if the device features are enough for what the user are looking for in a device of this kind.

Pros are based on features that highlight, comparing the device with another similars, or these features improve the experience of the user.

In the another hand, the cons are these points that worse the experience, or the feature is not enough for fulfill what we expect from the device.

Finally, the improvements pints are some features or specs that i think must be improved in a supposed new version of the device, and will generate a better experience in my opinion.


  • Very extensible arms for big devices.
  • Good manufacture. The device look and feel robust.
  • Nice design.
  • I will consider the DPAD as good point, because based on my previous feedback i understand this deivce come with a revised DPAD control.
  • Good feeling of analogs.
  • You can use the controller while charging.
  • Strong adjust for dock your device.
  • Usage modes that include 3 universal modes: Gamepad, Keyboard, iCade


  • Face buttons are not enough rounded on the top, and this make that your fingers get stucked some times when move between buttons.
  • Select & Start may be with another "touch" feeling, not as the rest of multimedia buttons. These are gaming buttons, and i think they must be be near to the gamepad feeling (Actually is hard to pressed in quick ways, when you´re on game).
  • May be complicated to transport, because the Sticks can be broken on backpack, or similar.


  • Put Select in the left and Start in the right side of the controller (not in the same side)
  • Add support for use the controller via USB, for devices without bluetooth module (or don´t have full support for bluetooth controllers, such Mediatek)
  • May be a good idea if the grips of the controller can be removed. (removable grips)
  • May be the removable grips can be suitables to be placed over the sticks, for protect them on transport.


After my poor experience with previous device such PhoneJoy project, i wanted to test again the same concept and check if this was evolved.

I get many feedback about the first version of this device, and most of them are bad, but this revised version of the device bring to me a very good feeling and i consider as a normal controller in usage speaking (DPAD is better than X360 controller in my opinion)

Of course, the device is not perfect, but have enought quality for consider as complement to your device (tablet, phablet, etc)

But note: i always refer to the revised version, the device with red analog sticks. The first, based on opinion of people that i trust on their criteria, is not good for playing, and you must avoid them.

Before buying, ask which version is what are you buying, and get sure you get the revised (red) version.

Final words

Really pleased testing this device. I'm currently enjoying with windows games on my travels on subway to my office and back to home, and while writting this, there is the Burnout Paradise that is waiting for me for continue doing take downs to other cars ^_^

Hope you found interesting and useful this article, and help to you to decide to buy or not this device.



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  4. I have "Cube i7 Stylus", 10.6 inch tablet with dimensions of 273.77*172.03*10.5mm.
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  6. Thanks, good review!
    There is another one "mouse" mode: press Y+Home while connected with Home-X or Home-A.
    Right stick becomes mouse, L1 is left mouse button and R1 - right mouse button.

  7. Can I use it for 4 inches smartphone

  8. Can I use it for 4 inches smartphone

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  10. On FFVI or Chrono trigger its necessary to press L1 + R1 at same time, these combos work well on 9023?

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